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Responsible for personal data for Holten Institute

Owner of Holten Institute and responsible for the company:s personal data is:

Holten Institute AB
Organisation number: 556599-3044

Tom Arild Torstensen

General information

This website collects personal data about its visitors. Personal data is all types of information that can be refered to a physical person. A couple of examples of this can be photos, e-mail address, contact information, and if it can be connected to a physical person - also IP-addresses.

What kind of data do we collect and how does Holten Institute use this information?

Holten Institute collects data about its visitors and customers to make our marketing better and to improve the experience for the users and customers for this website.

  • Cookies: Holten Institute saves like many other websites you visit, cookies on our server and in your browser.
  • Backups: Automatic backups of the website's files and database are performed daily and is saved localy at the web host (Wetail) and sent as a copy to the cloud service Dropbox in an account owned by a web development partner to Holten Institute (Thomas Design). The web host and the Dropbox-account have extra secure steps for log in set up to minimize the risk for a data breach further.
    Wetail's policy (Swedish)
    Thomas Design's policy (Swedish)
    Dropbox information about GDPR
  • Statistics about you as a visitor:
    • Google Analytics:
      Google Analytics is a tool for web statistics and lets us see if you found this website through a search engine or a link in social media. We can see which pages visitors from an IP-address has visited on the website and if you're a returning or new visitor here.
      Google analytics privacy policy
    • At contact: Email address, name and other information that was included in the message.
    • Filling in form for course:
      • Name
      • Email address
      • Telephone number,
      • Company information
      • Billing address
  • För registered customers:
    • User name
    • E-mail address: The e-mail address you used when you registered and/ or ordered from the shop is saved by us. We will never give out your email to an external address list or similar.
    • Company name: If added in the registration/checkout process, this unrequired field will be saved
    • Shipping information: Used to deliver the products to you as a customer.
      • Street address
      • Zip code
      • City
      • Country
    • Telephone number: This is used if there should be an issue with your order or if we need to contact you for another reason and email is not enough.
    • Payment information: If you order and pay directly with PayPal, your payment information will be stored encrypted by PayPal. At payment, information about the product you ordered, your email address, IP address and the first digits of your credit- or debit card number will be stored on PayPal's servers. During the payment process, the credit card information never passes through our servers, only externally by PayPal. We can't get access to the last 4 digits of your card, nor the CVC number or the password you might need to input as an extra security measure for your payment.
      PayPayl's privacy policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file saved among your web browser's files from a website. It can save information about the pages you visited on the website, which language you have selected as your preference and your shopping cart. This is to make your expierience for the website more convenient.

Website owners can by accessing these cookies use tools to get statistics about the website's users and to use this information to optimize the website and/or use the information for better marketing and services.

Reject or delete cookies

If you don't want to use cookies or want to delete those that are placed by our website, you can use the instructions from the links below. By rejecting or deleting cookies from Holten Institute, your experience and performance on the website can be affected negatively.

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Google Chrome
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Safari i iPhone, iPad eller iPod Touch
Google Chrome Android

How long is the data stored?

  • Cookies:
    • Cookies from Holten Institute

      • cookie_notice_accepted: Is placed when you press "OK" in the information bar about cookies. Expires after 1 month.
      • wordpress_logged_in_: Is placed by the website's platform WordPress when you log in as a user to identify you. Expires after a finished session.
      • wordpress_sec_: Is placed by the website's platform WordPress when you log in as a user to identify you. Expires after a finished session.
    • Cookies from Google Analytics:
      • _ga: Expires after 2 years.
      • _gat: Expires after 1 minute.
      • _gid: Expires after 1 day.
  • Backups: Backups stored on the server and at the cloud storage service Dropbox are kept at maximum 6 months and are after that deleted.
  • Payment/invoice information: Information that is collected together with orders are saved for 7 years according to Swedish Bookkeeping Act.

Are any collected data used by a third party?

Holten Institute doesn't sell your personal data to a third party. However, some personal data that is collected through the webiste can be treated by a third party if its absolutely necessary for trouble shooting, support or customer service.

How is your data protected?

Your personal information is only accessible for a limited amount of persons with special access to these systems. The persons handling the personal data only have access to the information absolutely needed for them to fulfill their responsibilities.

In the unlikely event of sensitive information leaking out, as a result of for an example data breach - it is our duty to inform those that might be affected of the leak as soon as possible

Your rights

You have the right to know which data we have saved about you or your company. You can also at your demand, have them deleted. You can also ask us to update incorrect data about you or retract consent for sharing data with us.

To request an extract from our registered data or in another way modify or delete the information Holten Institute have about you as a person, please contact us with the email address you used in contact with us. Use the contact information at the top of this page for more information about this